Krump Academy provides Commercial Education that fills a long standing void in the United States Grade School and Collegiate Educational systems. This same void is found in most other 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries too.

Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Exercise, and a Healthy Diet are all known to support a positive self image, assist with physical, emotional, and mental well being, and reduce stress.

Commercial Education can do the same.

Commercial Education also reduces money related personal and commercial failures. Great lessons are learned from failed relationships and failed business attempts, but it can be more fun learning pre-emptively, with less failures too.

Ironically, getting those who might benefit most from Commercial Education to take their first step towards it with Commercial Literacy is often times as difficult as getting folks raised without yoga, meditation, martial arts, exercise, and a healthy diet to shift towards those later in life.

Educational Systems with large omissions build a false sense of wisdom. A blind-spot for "knowing what you don't know" is an intended by-product that is only recognized decades after the fact, if at all. Cresting that universal peak far earlier is a really great goal for most.

50% of marriages die before death did them part. 70 to 90% of small businesses fail before their 10th birthday. There is another way to play in the Hay.

While attempting to get adults deficient in Commercial Education to come around to a new and simple way to manage stress via our Foundational and Advanced Curriculum Channels, we will be working diligently to get this into college and grade school education around the Globe to help reduce the voids at a younger and younger age before blossoming into more problems to be solved.

Our singular goal is to create more Commercially Literate Individuals locally and abroad much earlier in life with far less confusion. The short and long term benefits to all communities are way beyond the imagination of most at this time.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What is Krump Academy and how is it structured?

Krump Academy is a Publisher of Free and Fee based "Commercial Education".

Krump Academy is a class-less Virtual Academy offering self-study opportunities that may be applicable for anyone from Age 8 to 88. Our long term goal is to have physical "Chapters" similar but different to Toastmasters in cities around the globe to help create Community around our Curriculum.

We view our Commercial Curriculum to be a supplement for, and eventually an alternative to a an Associates, Bachelor's and/or Master's Degree in Business, depending on depth of Study.

Anyone who studies our curriculum knows it's related to the 80% of the 80/10/10 rule which you'll learn about shortly, and those who study this material should always pursue Mastery of Communications and Several Trades simultaneously to reap full benefits of their studies.

Our Masters will be referred to as a Master of Business (MoB) and our long term Goal is to create a MOB of MoBs.

What Personal Benefits can one expect from Commercial Literacy and sound Commercial Education?


Greater control over your commercial and personal endeavors

Greater control over you own commercial trajectory

Increased comprehension of topics that are far more relevant than you were led to believe and far less complex than you were led to believe.

Increased ability to create realistic monetary and technology strategies that fit your wants and needs

Decreased stress related to finances, technology, occupation and life in general.

Increased commercial vocabulary and the ability to carry on more engaging conversations related to larger Governing Systems and Commercial Systems you were born into which have affected your regular decision making processes in more ways than most recognize today.

What's the 80 / 10 / 10 Rule as it pertains to Commerce and why is it important and relevant to citizens of all ages, orientations and nationalities?

The 80 / 10 / 10 rule is a 220 Club concept originally expressed for "small business types" who were seeking an "entrepreneurial experience".

It states that 80% of Business is just Business, 10% of Business is Communication and 10% of Business revolves around your Trade or related Product.

We like to reference it because it helps frame Commerce and the Commerce of Life in an interesting way for all individuals engaged in any modern society, given all households can be thought of a Small Business with only a modification in vocabulary.


Most adults spend the majority of their waking day preparing for, doing or releasing from 'their work'.

Many settled on a type of 'work' different from an ideal match, and they may have made different choices if the 80 / 10 / 10 rule had been a mainstream concept with multiple-trade exploration based on personal interests supported at a young age.

Take a look at the 80/10/10 rule in more detail with a Household or a Small Business in mind and see if you can recognize the benefits of the model...

  • 80% of Business is just Business, no matter the products or services sold. Business at its core is about Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing, Operations, Technology, Risk Management and Strategy, yet we get very little of that education at a young age today as compared to decades and centuries ago when the "entrepreneurial spirit" was thriving for a far larger percentage of citizens. It's not overly complex information. Some is addition and subtraction while others extend to basic algebra.

  • 10% of business is about Communication Skills . The first step in healthy communication is related to listening and observing as opposed to talking. That tidbit has been a bit lost with time but can be easily recovered with one of several simple practices available today.

  • 10% of business is Trade or Product Specific. Yet, all foundational blue collar trade education has been removed from US High School curriculum resulting in costly blue collar trade schools when free high school training and paid apprenticeships use to be the norm. White collar trades earned via skyrocketing college and graduate school tuition costs are now available with no significant changes in the curriculum to justify the elevated costs. As with the Blue Collar Trades, in most cases, there has been a decrease in paid apprenticeships that would have been the norm years ago and in fact, students are now being forced to "pay schools and employers for" experience building apprenticeships. A real financial inversion has transpired in deed.

There is relevance here no matter your Age, Commercial Interests or Familial Background,

  • Managing your own personal affairs and a current or future Household is in fact no different than managing a Small Business. In their world, you, as an individual, are a Small Business Person in your own Commercial Play. When you enter into a relationship with another with financial responsibilities, you are entering into a "partnership", and when you start a family or take on parental roles for children of others, you enter into the exact same complexities found in a larger corporate setting. Only the vocabulary is different. The required understanding of commerce as your world becomes more complex is in fact fairly universal.

  • The boom of digital communication has been a real blessing in many ways, but the art of communicating with each other in person, on the spot, with respect while using both verbal and non-verbal tools has seemingly been negatively affected to that point that overall social benefits of digital communication are now uncertain. Re-learning the Art of Listening, Observation, Ad-lib and Rhetoric will be new for many of the younger generations as the oldest get to vaguely remember the fun that all once was.

  • The destruction of Trade related training in modern Schools is just the latest in a long long of Empire related manipulation of adolescents. When the Europeans arrived in North America, they were able to force rising generations of Native Americans to step away from their "self sufficient lifestyles" in a way that made them dependent on the New World Settlers. In retrospect, it is very easy to see how that was not a benefit to that society as a whole. The trades most needed by all citizens today for maintaining a home and a household are in fact the same as they were a few hundred years ago for both the Native Americans and the Settlers, yet none of that is anywhere to be found in the overly time consuming modern Education System. The modern education system consumes 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year times 12 years of a child's formative life. Yet it puts no emphasis on mastering all facets of Home Economics with even a sliver of time allotted for 'education'. Instead, there is an abnormal emphasis on desensitization and curriculum orientation for corporate employment. This leaves all teens woefully void of information and skills they need for their own personal success inside or outside a corporate employment contract and their own household. .

If many of today's adults had been provided with the 80 / 10 / 10 rule at a younger age along with proper opportunities to collect a handful of trades for home management and work opportunities when time was more on their side, it would have been far easier to have remained freer and more commercially flexible in this faster paced, "modern", commercial world.

When looking at it this way, it's easier to realize America, "The land where commercial opportunity was not limited by religion" has really lost a lot of luster related to the "Entrepreneurial Spirit" that made it sound so great a few hundred years ago.

How is the Curriculum Organized? What is the Foundational Channel, what are the Advanced Channels, and what may follow later on?

We refer to our curriculum as having a "Foundational Channel" and "Advanced Channels".

The Foundational Channel is Commercial Literacy, and the "Advanced Channels" combine with Trade and Communication Skills to create a well rounded Commercial Being.


Our "Foundational Channel" , also referred to as our "Commercial Literacy Channel" or "Commercial Literacy Curriculum" includes 1) Bookkeeping Literacy 2) Accounting Literacy and 3) Financial Literacy. Given we are in a Digital Age, those are closely followed by 4) Technology Literacy.

We've created a slightly arbitrary split between Bookkeeping and Accounting Literacy that is not commonly referred to in current Accounting or Financial Curriculum to help granulate the educational process.

Full Commercial Education combines Commercial Literacy with Website Building Skills, DIY Software Construction and Use, digital organization with the help of the Technology Club material, and familiarity with the concept of "Best Practices" for a given business or industry as a suggestion to start learning more vicariously whenever possible.

At some point in the future we hope to extend the offerings via this Academy or another to include Personal and Group Organizational Efficiency, Effective Communication and more "trade" related information , but that is down the road and just a vision at this time as compared to the rest, which is an active work in process.

Commercial Education starts with Commercial Literacy

What's the Commercial Literacy Curriculum look like?

As mentioned prior, Commercial Literacy consist of Bookkeeping Literacy, Accounting Literacy, Financial Literacy and Technology Literacy, with a slightly arbitrary separation between Bookkeeping Literacy and Accounting Literacy for greater granularity of the material.

  1. Bookkeeping Literacy - In Bookkeeping Literacy you learn a method for recording and categorizing transactions accurately, and you get a basic introduction to a "magic data table" and two key reports that can be generated from that data table.
    From the get go an assumption is made that the bookkeeper in you will be the using digital software for your bookkeeping. You will not be aggregating transactions for reporting in a fully manual manner as is taught in traditional accounting classes today. That is a huge time saver in the education process while losing nothing in the overall educational process.
    We introduce a new type of fully qualified bookkeeping software that uses positive and negative values instead of
    debits and credits for data entry on the front end. This free, private, paradigm shifting Google Sheets Bookkeeping Template provides an opportunity to both teach and learn about bookkeeping and accounting theory in ways that leave the student feeling Empowered with far greater ease and less stress than was present in all prior curriculum. Students complete this literacy program with solid foundational theory and experience with a new type of free, customizable, open-source, software system that can be put to use for their household use or small business needs for life in a google sheet template or any spreadsheet platform of their choosing.

  2. Accounting Literacy - In Accounting Literacy you are introduced to a generic Model for defining an Accounting System. With that model as a guide, we discuss the separation and differences between Tax/Financial Accounting and Managerial/Cost Accounting more. We look further into all key accounting reports and we discuss the idea of budgeting in more detail. . Budgeting is explored a little more at this time, but that will not become a true focus in an applied sense until we get to the Financial Literacy module. If you spend more than you make you don't need a budget, you need self-discipline and a strategy for correcting that inversion first and foremost.

  3. Financial Literacy - We discuss your "financial life" in a more holistic fashion. We introduce finance in a worldly and global way few are asked to consider at a young age at this time. We discuss credit score and the use of lines of credit. We talk about student loans, car loans, repayment periods and loan refinancing. We also have chapters on mortgages, secured lines of credit and Home Equity Lines of Credit in 1st and 2nd position as well as basic investing options in an order that might make sense for most. Budgeting for monetary control becomes a relevant topic at this time.

  4. Technology Literacy - We provide a brief history for hardware and software. We introduce the future of hardware and software as we understand it. We then get into details related to setting up and using an entire ecosystem that telegraphs the future of computing with low-cost Unix based hardware and cloud based database systems built in Google Sheets or comparable cloud based spreadsheet platforms.

Learning about Bookkeeping, Accounting and Finance is very similar in many ways to taking on Dieting and then establishing a workout routine for long term Health and Wellness.

Metaphorically, we teach you how to track calories. Then we teach you how to look at reports related to your tracking. Then we teach you how to put that data to use in the decision making processes related to your body, your exercise routine and the world around. you.

And of course, because this is a digital age, we start out from day one with the education organized in a digital tool that offers more communal privacy than any other system on the market. (For those seeking an "App" for this, it isn't that. It's a "spreadsheet" that can be with more buzz than the biggest Bee you've ever seen).

This process of learning Commercial Curriculum as we have it laid out is unlike what has transpired in the past 40 years if not 400 years. Healthy Commercial Literacy was oddly ignored in many ways at younger ages, and that which was taught was done with older dogmatic systems that were de-powering instead of Empowering. This represents a rectifying system for all of that.

Why is it needed? What characteristics are imparted? Who needs it? When is it needed? Where is it relevant ?

Why is it Needed?
Change is ever present, and y
ou can only consciously change things that you can quantify. Quantification of anything revolves the process of data recordation, categorization and report analysis. Thus, the bookkeeping education is indirectly about learning a generic tool for change management.

What Characteristics are Imparted?
Commercially Literate people have the ability to see, feel, recognize and quantify overt and covert commercial transactions happening around them that dictate many of the decisions they are making with and without their knowledge, involvement, and consent.

Who Needs it?
Commercial Literacy is needed by all who passed through puberty without proper commercial understanding and it is needed by all future generations as part of their coming of Age education, much like a right of passage into adulthood.

Most adults in developed and developing countries spend the majority of their adult life putting energy out to earn money or lose debt. That ongoing transaction can be thought of as an ongoing "commercial transaction".

Given the level to which the "commercial game of life" has grown unbalanced over the past few decades, everyone participating heavily in a work based system should have more "commercial literacy" than they were granted in our prior educational system.

When is it Needed?
Most adults need it yesterday. Most rising adults need it as a right of passage into adulthood and BEFORE they are asked to take on large debts for education and life in general.

If the "commercial game of life" is going to continue to be played in the more aggressive format as is found today, it's far more important that the Commercial Players most burdened with "the hard work" get more proper Commercial Education so they too can remember how to try to Dream Bigger with the skills needed to concoct a strategy to manifest their Dreams in a way that might actually work too.

Where is it relevant?
This new and aggregated view on "Commercial Literacy" for all ages is most relevant in all countries where Federal Banking has become the means for monetary creation, monetary management, occupational management, and "community building".

Federal Bankers and those situated to assist them rely on the "donation" and "acquisition" of human energy via commercial endeavors to survive. In exchange for your voluntary or non-voluntary output, citizens typically receive spendable currency, debt, or some type of housing and accommodations.

With massive increases in debt per capita and large decreases in disposable income in the hands of most, this Education represents a sea change that is long overdue. Our Archeologists and Geologists are telling us now there was a time when mounds abounded across the globe, and the shear volume of their presence sure seems to indicate that had to be a time when commercial literacy was more than it is today.

At the tippy top of our Commercial Pyramid waits a conversation on the output, storage and transfer of Human Energy as it relates to national and global monetary systems, but that is down the road.

Likewise, if there is ever a true and sincere interest in removing Federal Bankers from the game, it will take far larger groups of Commercially Literate people than exists today.

Is Commercial Literacy relevant among people seeking self-governance?

From David Wilcock's book, "The Synchronicity Key", page 289:

"This trial was the big moment. The third-act resolution, in which the Roman people had been through the dark night of the soul, ended the war, and could now directly face the nemesis -- in this case their own leader -- and defeat him. Scipio's brother Lucius was brought to trial in a grand public exhibition that captivated the republic. The court forced Lucius to produce his brothers accounting books, which were being demanded as evidence... ... in an astonishingly brazen move that electrified the people of the Roman Republic, Scipio grabbed the books and tore them up in front of the entire Coliseum. Scipio was publicly admitting he was guilty, but he was too proud to say it... ...Scipio left Rome three years after the Scandal began"

When Governments are formed, taxes are imposed on the people to aggregate funds for a communal benefit. The only thing that separates reasonable government from a burdensome Mafia under the guise of Government is an extremely close monitoring of the money and the connections between Politicians and Commercial Elite.

All Governments are chartered to "make up rules" for the "Game of Commerce" and to "Enforce the Rules". Politicians always know what commercial rules may be coming prior to their arrival, and worse yet, they are in a position to create commercial rules for personal and biased gains.

With this understanding it's easy to see that Politicians are ALWAYS in the perfect position for "insider trading". Political oversight by a commercially literate body politic, as seemingly existed in Rome from the excerpt above, is the only thing that will prevent a Government by the People and for the People from morphing into a Political Mafia which will eventually lead to a failure in organized society each and every time.

A commercially literate body politic is the only thing that will ever maintain or sustain any form of "healthy, self-government" long term. As long as the body politic is commercially illiterate, the body politic is asking for corruption run rampant.

Once the Mafia takes control of the Government, if any Commercial Education is left in the educational systems, that is slowly removed to ensure a longer nefarious run. That lasts until the people figure out they've been totally bamboozled by a void in Commercial Literacy or Mother Earth corrects the score.

Additional Information...

What are the origins of the Curriculum?

A small, informal organization referred to as the 220 Club has been quietly creating and promoting free literature and software for this type of educational program since 2016. Several members in the group had been informally tracking the drop in commercial literacy over the past 30 years to recognize the pattern that was emerging.

They have limited their offerings to print only curriculum with the exception of videos related to their Bookkeeping and Accounting Software Templates. Those were done to give an example of video based education that is a bit different than the norm, as well as to help that product get further along quicker.

Based on our conversations with them, that is all the videos they plan on publishing as of now. Their focus will be to continue with written information and software templates, while leaving video production, educational opportunities, class organization up to others, like us, with an interest in offering fee based (or free) educational opportunities, with their curriculum on a pay-for-value licensing basis.

They made it very clear they want to be thought of as a "publisher" of curriculum only. They do not want to enter into the "teaching space". Curriculum creation and software creation with written documentation only is the niche they wish to fill.

For those that can read and learn from text books and/or technical documents without teachers, classes or study groups you may be able to do the same with their raw curriculum directly. You all may not need this Academy at all or for more than that which we share freely.

For the rest who enjoy learning in a more social environment with the support or participation of peers, teachers, guides or recorded voices other than your own, we hope to gain your business.

Our goal is to provide summary literature, videos and the next level in support for their educational curriculum and any other wholesome curriculum we may come across as our Academy grows.

We currently have no formal licensing agreements with them. We currently have no exclusivity with them. We saw great curriculum that matched a social need at a critical time during a busy global evolution and we've attempted to create an educational company that is comparable or better than some of the best of our times.

How does this Educational Organization Compare to other Well known Learning Systems and Organizations?

Rosetta Stone - Rosetta Stone has a reputation for immersive learning of foreign languages. Some folks swear by it. Our courses are meant to be immersive. We'll see if we can earn a comparable reputation for such an endeavor with a different type of content.

Franklin Covey and Day Timer - Many of those who came of age after the digital revolution are totally unaware of the Franklin Covey / Day Timer organizational tools and educational systems that were very popular for mental and physical organization. The digital age offered so many options for organization that a scattering took place which likely wasn't as beneficial as most might think today. Finding some common ground with the way we manage our organizational process both mentally and physically may help both individually and socially in the future.

Toast Masters - Toast Masters offers a Global Network of Chapters that allow for in person learning with a goal on increased communication and leadership. One of our long term goals is to try to immolate the Chapter configuration of Toast Masters for a better sharing experience in a community setting while referring many who need foundational oral communication improvement to Toastmasters for the most bang for your buck.

Kahn Academy - Kahn Academy provides a massive range of free education and curriculum to folks around the world. Their education most closely mimics traditional, allopathic educational topics found in current grade schools and colleges. If that content was good, Kahn Academy's version is likely good. If that content was poor, as is the case for Income Statement and Balance Sheet Curriculum in "modern" Accounting classes, that content will be poor as evidenced if you review the confusion in their accounting related forums. In general, Kahn Academy has developed an exceptional reputation due to a founder who proved himself to be an outstanding teacher before his Academy was founded. We strive to be that type of resource for Commercial Education but we strive to do that with greater privacy for our users. While the data being gathered by Kahn Academy from its users can be used for beneficial purposes, we see how it could also be used for negative purposes. The involvement of Bill Gates in its founding is certainly concerning for numerous reasons, and the continued emphasis on the traditional educational topics or older curriculum as is the case with their Accounting Education, perpetuates some negative benefits that our education is seeking to correct.

Sylvan Learning - Sylvan Learning has a reputation for good education. Having dealt with someone who was employed there, the inner workings sounded very profit driven and that may or may not be good long term for those they claim to educate. They employ a franchise model which is interesting. We hope to employ a distributed learning model as well but we will try stay closer to a Toast Master's Chapter model if possible.

For those who can feel a resonance but need more insight into what they may or may not know, we've published a short book entitled, "Sea Change for 21st Century Bookkeeping, Accounting, Finance and Technology".
Hopefully that will be a good booster for those on the fence.